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About Rasika



rasika has brought some of the biggest talents of India as well as upcoming artists, fusion concerts, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and 'meet with artists', annual children's heritage camp, - focusing on the cultural and educational goals of the organization. rasika 's events showcases the best of Indian talents – both internationally renowned performing artists/teachers as well as younger talented artists and musical prodigies. Music- both instrumental and vocal, dance both solo and ballet productions have been presented by rasika . rasika has also presented some of its premier concerts in Seattle, WA.


rasika strongly supports the cultural education of the children. There has been a growing number of children, born in U.S.A., who have been training in Indian classical music and dance. They perform annually at our talent showcase event held in summer.

Music and dance events in India have never traditionally been formal with exacting standards imposed on the audience. The arts were woven into the fabric of daily life to create a colorful tapestry that included religious occasions, social celebrations and the entire family, from the old to the very young. The innovative goal of rasika is to recreate this ancient aspect of the Indian arts in a way that educates children, supports artists and celebrates the diverse art and traditions of India. The summer heritage camp "Gurukulam" ("house of the teacher") addresses the educational aim of rasika .

Gurukulam: The annual summer heritage camp for children has received wide acclaim and appreciation from the public as well as the press for the educational value, community outreach and involvement of local artists and teachers in the community. In 2000, we had the honor of Padmavibhushan Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna himself, teaching the children of rasika music. Mamata Shankar attended the children’s talent showcase and encouraged the children. Over 95 children have attended the camp, and have enjoyed the classes offered at the camp.

The curriculum includes Yoga, Sanskrit, Basic music, folk dances for boys and girls, history and geography of India, arts and crafts, henna/ mehendi, Rangoli patterns, stencils, Shlokams, Epic tales and folk fables of India, Cricket sport, festivals of India etc. The children were of Indian, American and Indo-American descent and all shared a common interest of learning about India. The Indian children adopted by Americans, found a venue for learning about their Indian customs, culture and heritage and had a wonderful experience.

Board of Directors

Run entirely by volunteers, rasika has an 8-member, dedicated and enthusiastic Board of Directors, who draw up the operating plan and budget, coordinate auditorium availability, present the events, acquire and maintain equipment, and administer the ongoing operations including the finances, mailing list and membership roster. The concert committee is entrusted with long-term event planning, to fulfill the cultural and educational objectives and goals of the organization.

The Board of Directors comprises of professionals like software engineers and art connoisseurs as well as artists - professional and upcoming, with a common passion for promoting Indian arts and culture in the US. They have diverse backgrounds and interests. The directors have experience in various fields such as finance, accounting, program coordination, networking with artists and tour organizers, community involvement, teaching etc. Together, they form a compelling team of dedicated volunteers, making rasika a strong and vital part of Oregon's cultural diversity.

The board works on the three aspects of rasika - cultural, and educational goal as well as community involvement.

Cultural aspect - with presentation of premier classical music and dance concerts,

Educational goal - by presenting workshops, lecture demonstrations on arts and the children's heritage camp Gurukulam.
Community involvement - by presenting local artists collaborating with visiting artists, and working with educational and arts organizations in co promoting and presenting concerts.

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